Acoustic Ceiling Panel
Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Nov 10,2017

CONINGAcoustic Ceiling Panel

Fiberglass acoustic wall panel are manufactured from high density bio-soluble resin bonded gals wool absorbed with a series of textile fabric surface, plain glass tissue backed and fabric wrapped edges, the fiberglass acoustic wall panel provides a comprehensive tools to creat a wide variety of wall panel designs and still meet the strict requirements for first-class acoustic, An extensive range of edge designs ,forms and levels give you the freedom to creat an environment that attains a high standard in sound ,color, appearance ,comfort and ambience.


  • Enhance acoustcs in open areas, improve sound absorption and reduce reverberation time
  • Aesthetically define space
  • Customized colors and shapes available
  • Can be installed individually or in groups, createyourown design
  • Quick and easy installation/remove with standard suspension system and accessories
  • Height and angles adjustable