Pink Batts Insulation
Pink Batts Insulation

Sep 05,2017

CONING Pink Batts Insulation


After unpacking, the product is designed to achieve its nominal stabilised thickness within 24 hours of installation.
The performance of this product may be reduced if stored for too long in its compression packaging.
The Total R-value depends on installation and may be greater or less than the Material R-value of the product.
The Material R-value is independent of heat flow direction (the same R-value is achieved in summer and winter conditions).

WHY Choose Pink Batt insulation?

Long-term investment for a very reasonable price. 
It has a lifespan of 30 – 50 years, you also get to save on maintenance fees. Just have it installed properly and you never have to think about it again.
Non-combustible. Say good bye to fire hazards because it does not pose any danger or risk towards flames.
The product does not attract parasites and rodents.
Conserves energy effectively. This quality product will lower heating and cooling costs in your home.
It is durable and easy to install.
No associations and risks to one’s health after installation. Make sure to wear safety gear and a dust mask if working directly with the product for safety reasons.   (More details, please share with THINK PINK)