Hit TV series princess agent Chuqiao
Hit TV series princess agent Chuqiao

Jul 12,2017

Princess Agent (Chuqiao)

On 5th,July,2017, the princess agent was  broadcast, even in evening, but the audience rating still impressive. 

The story told that Chuqiao, who is the gril fight for her belief, also there many gentlemen were attracted by her, like Yue and Xun, no matter from best friends to enemy, they all in love with Chuqiao. Just in the begaining, she can not feel that till dead of Yue.

More woderful details, please watch the TV Princess Agent

As CONING knows, the Princess agent is not only hot in domestic, but also in abroad, many fans asked for the translation in English, if you really need, please share CONING links, maybe we can do help, thanks